For Everyone Who Asks: “How Do I Get More Traffic?”

It’s the weekend, and I hope you’re out enjoying it with your family.

And since it is the weekend, I want to get right to the point…

Today, I want to tell you two very important truths about traffic.

They’re really simple. But nearly all entrepreneurs who struggle don’t fully understand them…

The first truth is…

All Traffic Has Value…

Think about Google. They’re in the “search” business. That’s why the control the vast majority (roughly 80%) of search traffic online.

That means they have massive potential value coming to them every day. How much is that traffic worth to them? Google is valued at $245 billion dollars. Value based on their traffic.

And they guard that traffic and value like parents guards their children.

The second truth is directly related to that first one…

You Can’t Get Value For Free

In spite of that fact, people always ask me about techniques to get free traffic with blogs and articles.

Sorry, there’s no such thing as totally “free” traffic.

Now let me be really clear on this. I am a big fan of blogs and content marketing. And yes, great content can produce traffic.

But there are three big problems with this strategy where your success is concerned.

First, producing quality content (and if you think you can attract any traffic through content alone, it had better be damn good!) takes time. A lot of time. My own free content takes me a long time.

And that’s a cost. It’s called…

“Opportunity Cost.”

Whenever you sit down to write a blog or an article that means you can’t work on your latest product development.

It means you can’t optimize the marketing you have running. It means you won’t have time to check results, or test, or have time to properly service the customers you have (if you have any, that is.)

Second, your source of free traffic can disappear literally overnight… especially if you take a break from producing that quality content.

Third – and most important – is its lack of scalability. You simply can’t scale “free.”

Any “free” traffic you may get from blog or article marketing is unpredictable. You don’t know when or if it’ll show up. And because of that you can’t build your business on it by analyzing regular results.

The Real Key To Traffic Success

You see, online traffic is really no different from traffic at any brick and mortar business.

Say you run a small storefront business. Every prospective customer who walks into your shop has potential value to you. So the more “foot traffic” you can get into your shop, the more potential cash flow and profit your business will earn.

Now think about this for a second.

Why does a Madison Avenue address in New York or a Michigan Avenue address in Chicago command such high rent? They are premier locations. And because they offer high volume and even more important, high quality traffic.

When I had my clothing store in lower Manhattan, I paid a premium rent for the location. Why? Because I was in a premium location. One that offered me a high volume of traffic, but more importantly, a high quality of traffic. I could have opted to set up business in a less lucrative location like Harlem or the Bronx, but then I’d have had to work four times as hard just to get the right people in the door.

More important than the sheer numbers of visitors you get to your business is the quality of those visitors.

Now think about that in terms of online traffic.

Where online traffic is concerned, there is one important factor – both in terms of the volume of traffic and more importantly the quality of traffic….

What Determines The Quality – And Value – Of Online Traffic?

The key to understanding how the value online traffic is determined? The source of that traffic. Where it comes from when it gets to you.

You can get traffic by advertising on websites or blogs that cover topics congruent with what you sell.

You can get traffic when you get discovered through a search engine.

You can get traffic from a joint venture or affiliate-type mailing where someone – usually a known and respected guru – mails their list of customers on your behalf.

And why are these sources of traffic so critical in determining its value?

Because its source will determine the quality of that traffic – how potentially targeted that traffic is. The more targeted the traffic that comes to your site, the more valuable that traffic is. It’s a simple relationship of supply and demand. Let me explain…

A more targeted prospect means there’s a higher degree of interest in your product or service…

It means a prospect who’s more “qualified” or further down the “buying decision path.” More ready and willing to actually make a purchase. And this fired-up, ready-to-spend traffic is what every marketer wants to buy.

Of course when you weed out all the tire-kickers, you create a smaller, more “finite” supply of that qualified potential traffic.

So the more targeted traffic means the greater the demand for it and at the same time the smaller the supply of it… Higher value.

The real key to success where traffic is concerned, is making sure you are trying to find the highest quality – most targeted – traffic possible.

While we’re talking about traffic…

Recently I took part in an hour-long discussion video with Dan Kennedy and three other traffic experts. The topic of this killer video was “qualified leads” that you get from the right kind of traffic.

In this video, I gave specifics about how I drive qualified leads with my online reports… and specifics about my webinar process that drives potential clients to my coaching program.

Plus, Dan answered what’s perhaps the most popular question in Internet Marketing,

“How do you get started with a small $5,000 budget?”

The entire hour-long video is free to download if you want to take a look….

Checkout Dan’s and my video right now.

I’ll be back here on the blog soon. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts about what I should cover next.


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