Join The Conversation Or Watch Your Business Wither Away And Die

Listen friend, I’ve got a gift for you.

Q: Why am I giving you a gift?

Because it’s my way of saying thank you.

You see, at last count there were over 15 billion web pages online. And the simple fact that you are here reading this post means you consider my point of view valuable.

Better yet, it turns out you’re not alone in your opinion. At our recent conference, New Beginnings, a bunch of the speakers (Maryellen Tribby, Jeff Walker, John Carlton, Frank Kern, etc…) were hanging out in the green room when Gary Vaynerchuck asked “who are the most influential bloggers in the internet marketing community?

As we went around the table… to my surprise… my name was the first answer given be each and everyone at the table. Turns out that the Strategic Profits blog is read by a vast numbers of marketers (rookies and veterans alike) from the core of the internet marketing world.

And I could go on with more of their flattering comments. But I am blushing already. Because, I’m actually a fairly shy guy… who was happy working behind the scenes as the notoriously-anonymous “secret weapon” business coach to the gurus.

But releasing The Internet Business Manifesto and the 7.4 million it brought in within the first 12 months changed all that.

Now, before I go any further, it’s important you realize this: My original manifesto trilogy (The Internet Business Manifesto, The Missing Chapter, And The Final Chapter) was nothing more than my successful attempt to first join and then lead the conversation of our market.

That’s why if you fully grasp the strategies and concepts revealed in your gift, you’ll realize you’ll be left with no excuse whatsoever for not growing your biz and getting rich in 2008.

But, you know what? As legendary copywriter Gary Halbert insightfully pointed out…

Getting rich doesn’t solve everything. More often than not, lots of cash actually makes things worse.

Confused? Just bear with me, because I am going to show you (with some help from Gary) why.

It’s simple really, with money comes power.

Now, the problem with power is it can easily be used for both good… and, well… not-so-good.

Look at it this way… Power is something, for example, which can be used to run an electric circular saw. A skilled carpenter can use that saw to build a glorious mansion. Yet, a mechanically challenged moron can use that same saw to accidentally cut off his leg.

It’s the same with money too. Having mounds of money gives you the power to greatly improve your life… or… it can give you the ability to destroy your life.

Case in point: Money can give you the power to hire the best doctors, nutritionists, and get cutting edge supplements to enhance your life… or… it can give you the ability to buy an endless supply of cocaine and destroy your life.

Believe it or not, it’s actually more difficult for the wealthy to use their money wisely than it is get rich in the first place.

Britney Speares
Left: Britney Spears appearing on the Mickey Mouse Club. Right: Britney demonstrating insane behavior.
Jack Whittaker
$300 million Powerball lottery winner, Jack Whittaker: “Since I won the lottery, I think there is no control for greed, I think if you have something, there’s always someone else that wants it. I wish I’d torn that ticket up.”

All you have to do is look at people who quickly came into gobs of money – like pop/rock stars, celebrities and lottery winners and then… rapidly ruin (or even end) their lives with drugs and other insane behavior.

So before I give you this gift that’ll take some of the mystery out of getting rich, a word of caution is in order… Money and power don’t change you; they simply exaggerate (and enable) your personality… warts and all.

The point: Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll work out some of your flaws once you “make it” – unfortunately it never works out that way. Because money and power simply add fuel to the fire.

Always remember your future starts today (right now)… not tomorrow.

Enough said… let’s press on…

As many readers of this blog know, I’m a voracious reader. During a typical week I usually easily plow through 3-5 books

I credit a lot of my success to the shortcuts that many of these books have provided me. The way I look at it is pretty simple if I can get one or two good ideas from a single book it’s well worth my time.

But, every once in awhile I read a book that has one or two good ideas on practically each and every page. Better yet, these exceptional books usually connect the dots in a way that clears away any noise and confusion surrounding the area/topic it focuses on.

Anyway, back when I was writing The Attention Age Doctrine 2, I read every single book on social media that I could get my hands on. And while most of them were good, few were exceptional.

Join The Conversation,
written by Joseph Jaffe.

But one of those exceptional books is the source of my gift to you today. The name of the book is Join The Conversation, written by Joseph Jaffe.

What makes this book even better than most, is that Jaffe stays true to his core (his marketing background) by consistently tying everything that he shares with selling more stuff to more people.

The book does an excellent job of diving deep into online communities, dissecting how everything from YouTube to blogs are changing and how you must market differently. There’s even a chapter titled “Why Are You So Afraid Of Conversations?

I was so impressed with this book and the impact it can have for you, I had my team tracked down Joe Jaffe and secure an interview with him for you.

I have the audio and also the transcript here available for download. His passion, sarcasm, and wit are obvious throughout. Even better yet his insights, recommendations, and advice on getting started or getting better is fantastic.

During the interview Joseph explains how to join, catalyze, enrich, empower, and profit from the conversation currently happening in your market.

And make no mistake about it, he knows his stuff… Joseph advises startups to Fortune 500 (Coca-Cola, Audi, American Airlines, Starwood hotels) on how to leverage the conversation that social media is fostering.

One part in the interview you need to pay very close attention to. He introduces a new model for marketing which he calls the six “C’s”. Based on a triangle from the web 1.0 world and one from the Web 2.0 world.

But it gets even better… since I already know what this book can do for you I am ethically bribing anyone who buys the book (whether you buy it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or anyplace else) with the copious notes I took while going through the book.

I explained how you can get my notes during the interview, so I won’t bother to explain it here.

You see, at the end of the day, I know my success is directly tied to your success. So, while it takes time, salaries, and commitment to bring us all together for you – I see it as an investment in you, your business and your ultimate success.

Two concluding comments…

  1. first, I’d love to know what you thought of the interview and your plans on buying the book – please share your thoughts below.
  2. Second, I’m giving some thought to doing this on a biweekly or weekly basis. So if you’d like to see more interviews with more authors who “get it” and the notes I took while reading their books just let me know…

Oh yeah, one last thing – if you’d like to reciprocate, what you can do for me is tell anyone you know who’s marketing online today or who hopes to in the near future about this blog post and the transcript and audio they can download right here:

Download Joseph Jaffe and Rich Schefren MP3 Interview

Download Joseph Jaffe MP3 Interview now

Download Joseph Jaffe and Rich Schefren Interview Transcript

Download Joseph Jaffe Interview Transcript

Looking forward to reading your comments…

To higher profits,
rich schefren

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