Conference Update: 2 Important Elements Of A Maven

Just got off the stage a while ago (WOW what a great crowd), and I wanted to get this to you quick…

Here’s 2 important elements of mavenship (along with the one thing you must do to succeed in your market) direct from my presentation today.

Great stuff…take a look.

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  • Yvon Kruger

    Hi Rich,

    Thanks for this video. It is short but inspiring. I wish you a good time with the conference, next time I’ll be there. In the meantime I’ll do anything to become a maven in personal training in the Netherlands while following your BGS-course.

    Have a good conference!


  • Flashy Version

    I like knowing the fact that its not The Secret but it’s your dedicated practice which gets you to mavenhood.

    Your short video clip is very clear and crisp and completely viewer-friendly. What a friend you are, heeding our issues, thus doing exactly what you are teaching!

    You made me realise expertise without friendliness is but a cold slab of icy foundation. Won’t last long either, in the new righteous marketplace.

  • Paul Sterling

    Hi Rich…

    Just finished your Maven Manifesto… ROCK ON. I am looking forward to more info as I intend to be the Compassionate
    Communication for Couples Maven.

    Thanks for great stuff and keep those videos and pdfs coming.

    Paul Sterling

  • Richard

    This post is not intended to be negative, just a little more constructive than those that will shower you with thank you’s… without giving you feedback that can catapult you even further in the eyes of those of us with a track record.

    So here’s my feedback.

    Valuable content, but not original.

    Aristotle taught us the principles of Ethos (the combination of expertise and “friendship” as you put it, though Aristotle defined it as expertise and “having your prospect or customer’s best interest at heart).

    I was hoping that in a two minute clip there would be more “meat”. Here’s to thinking positive thoughts and hoping your next post will be more profound and something that can be executed quickly with short-term measurable results.



  • Francois du Toit

    Hi Rich,

    Good video, short but straight to the point! What I like a lot from the video is that you need to be seen as an expert AND a FRIEND. Fully agree with this!

    All the best,

    Francois du Toit

  • MikeB

    Hey Rich,

    Great Video! Im not going repeat what everyone else said. But there were a few Ahas for me. Keep it Coming!

    Michael Blaes

  • Steve

    Hi Rich

    Nice video thank you.

    You make things nice and simple and I used to think I was on my own in challenging “The Secret”

    I do have a particular challenge though and here is what it is.

    My natural inclination is to challenge almost everything that is accepted as the norm. My biggest successes have come when I was working for businesses as an employee and I was able to ask questions about the way business was run.

    This led me to finding new revenue and profit streams. For example; I worked for a car rental firm in London, we would hire out cars to businesses. I found out that our car mechanics were only utilised for 60% to 70% of their time on maintaining our fleet.

    So I suggested that we offer car servicing to our business clients. At first the management were not too impressed because they said we are a car hire company and not a repair shop.

    After a bit of persuading they decided to give it a try and put together a simple leaflet to explain our service.

    We would collect their car for service and deliver a hired car at the same time. We would then service their car and valet it (we had all the cleaning gear available for our hired cars). We would then deliver their car and collect the hired car.

    Business was just massive, I mean in the 70s it was worth around £180,000 of extra revenue for just one branch and that was almost all pure profit.

    My question and challenge is; The best guy around who does this type of thing is Jay Abraham, how do I position myself when this maestro has been doing it for so long?

    My best wishes to all across the pond from a sunny UK.


  • Jerry Sakala

    Awesome inspiration.I realise Mavenship comes with responsibilty.Thank you very much for all you are doing for all us that are willing to take the leap of mavenship with you and Jay Abraham.

    The world is starving for real mavens like you!

  • John Bardacino

    Thanks Rich. You & Jay have really done a great job explaining how to apply our individual competitive advantages to a niche to create value for consumers.
    I read the maven document and it was well worth the time… Like others I really appreciate you putting such great content online. It’s win-win in so many ways….

  • Timothy Jordan

    HI, Great Video..

    I instantly identified with this in my music career. Playing an instrument, there are no shortcuts. Just persistance and dedecation and a ton of woodsheddin’ in the practice room. I am trying to apply the same ethic on my business but I still lack a ton of perspective on the whole marketing scene. Your posts and videos help a ton and I am glad that I have found a reliable resource in you. thanks again tim jordan

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  • Bob Molluro

    Rich I am at the conference and have gotten to see this first hand. I have worked with Jay Abraham for more than ten years. The two of you are a great combination. The “Maven” concept is dead on -I am working towards teaching people how to implement- “The Implementation Guru”. Knowing how to take the thousands of ideas you are providing at the conference and synthasizing them into a plan of action and knowing how to execute that plan is the key to the kingdom.

  • SJ |

    I beg to differ about the part where you said you don’t believe in the secret aka law of attraction because you believe practice is more important.

    I believe it can go hand in hand together. Of course, the guy who just dreams and never takes action will never accomplish anything but the guy who just do and never make use of the law of attraction to help him… doesn’t really get anywhere too.
    Personal Development for the Book Smart

  • Franck Silvestre

    Excellent stuff Rich. I figured this out last year, and it’s the best situation a business owner want to position himself in because your friends will buy anything you sell even if the competition has better products.

  • Lazy Rock Star

    Hi Rich

    After winning the video contest I was gutted I couldn’t come in person but this makes me feel a whole lot better.

    Once again, many thanks.

    Lazy Rock Star

  • Jason

    WOW!! Nice clip and things are looking great so far. I cant wait to get my hand on these DVD’s. Please keep the nuggets comming and Keep us Posted on when new videos are going to be available. Thanks Rich


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  • Ron

    Right on…

    I’m looking forward to seeing more great stuff from you this week. I wish I could be there, I know my income easily double in my business with this information.

    Take a look everyone, a true turn-key business you can start today!!!

  • Phil Meyer

    Hey Rich,

    I’m really eager to see what everyone’s raving about, but I see squat… :(

    Sometimes the player doesn’t even load, and when it does, it says the video is no longer available.

    Any ideas? It’s probably something on my side…


  • Greg Gerdes

    I also think The Secret was lacking the secret. That lack is probably part of its success.

    Some say that it is more powerful when you discover it.

    I’m looking forward to more nuggets, Thank you


  • oscar Carter

    I do believe in deciding who you want to be and to practice that. I also believe The Secret has some great teachings as well as the inspiration to believe in what is possible.

    I like the short teachings. They are great.


    Oscar Carter

  • John – Spa Marketing Guy

    Again… thanks for sharing.

  • oscar Carter

    Sorry for the duplicate. I had some important typos

    I do believe in deciding who you want to be and to practice that. I also believe The Secret has some great teachings as well. I found the inspiration valuable in projecting what is possible.

    I like the short teachings. They are great.


    Oscar Carter

  • Dominic Siano

    Makes a lot of sense.

    Many people do not realize that there is no “Secret.”

    There are still many people out there looking for the silver bullet or super affliate program that will make them rich.

    The reality is personal development and consistency.

    A business will only grow as fast as the owner does.

    So devote yourself to becoming one of the top 10 in the world in your market and business success will follow.

    Thanks Rich


  • Janet

    I hope the next videos have more meat, but this is an OK start. Thanks for taking the time to share.


  • Brian

    lol.. a 2 minute “meaty” video? This guy is giving like four and a half hour long free videos. . Gotta love the Gurus though :)

  • Judy H. Wright

    Hello from snowy and beautiful Montana:

    Rich, When I teach a class for parents called “The Left Out Child-the importance of friendship” it is amazing how many parents do not know how to make friends.

    There is a hunger to belong to a tribe, clan or community. We all want to be a part of something bigger. We want to be understood and accepted.

    Good luck in your seminar. I have confidence that those who attend and those who read about it later will benefit greatly.

    Judy H. Wright aka AuntieArtichoke, the story telling trainer for a free eBook

  • Ami | Affiliate Marketing Tips

    Wow what can I say.

    Thank you so much Rich for the excellent free training you provide.

    It is refreshing to find a big fish take so much time to look after the little people

    Your Mavenship is obviously well deserved

    Webmaster and little fish at

  • Jon Kitchens

    Thank you Rich for all the information you have shared.
    You and Jay have expanded my skills, insight and understanding. I prepared an E Book on 100 Sales Secrets that I would like to to joint venture. Inquirys from others are invited.

  • Scott

    I enjoyed the video, especially the concept about being a friend to the market. But, I have a different perspective on The Secret.

    I agree that practice is a critical success discipline. The principal of The Secret is to use your thoughts to manifest your reality. This works in two proven ways. First, changing thoughts can cause you to take different actions by affecting your beliefs. Second, part of the process is a visualization component. Visualization has been proven to be very effective in several studies. Where The Secret tends to fail is when thought is done without action.

    The discipline of practice and use of The Secret are complementary actions. Practice without belief or the ability to visualize yourself achieving a result is as useless as thinking new thoughts without taking action.

    I’m looking forward to more great content.

  • Stealth

    Your succinct-ness stands apart in this age of attention deficit and massive overload.

  • John Morley

    Don’t confuse the masses – you maven you….

    Hey Rich, I have always trusted your opinion but saying you don’t believe in the ‘secret’ is either nieve or stupid on your part because…

    You say that you just decide who you WANT to BE. Well that’s the 1st principle of the secret (focus on what you want and who you want to be). Then you say PRACTICE. That’s the 2nd principle of the secret. (you must allow it to happen, you can’t just say it – you must continually visualise already having it and continually take action on the things that are inline with your wanting).

    If you are assuming that the secret is saying not to take action and you are saying that ‘practice’ is taking action on who you want to be…. then you need to watch the secret again and this time pay more attention!

    If it was a ‘mistake’ in your choice of words i.e. you didn’t really mean that you don’t believe in the ‘secret’ but what you really meant is you don’t believe in the ‘just think and it will happen without taking action’ interpretation of the secret (some people seem to think that, I can’t see why) then you need to be more ‘responsible’ for your choice of words when you are a ‘maven’ as you say you are because…

    You are influencing the masses!

    Really Rich, the message of the secret is very clear for those who listen and learn…….

    1. Decide AND focus on what you want (BE-HAVE-DO, and not on what you don’t want).
    2. Allow it to manifest (by taking action on visualising and seizing the opportunities that are presented to you from your focusing on what you want).

    That’s exactly what you have always been teaching. That’s exactly what Jay has always done…. that’s the only way both of you could ever have got the amazing results you have.

    John Morley –

  • Ricardo Weatherly

    Hi Rich,
    Wow, more great content to live by, thank you for all
    you do to help out the little guy.


  • Deb George


    Thanks for bringing us to Disney World. I was hoping for a little more meat myself. But I’ll take it anyway you give it. That clip was almost like a quick booster to remind me that the secret is to see myself where I want to be and take the action required to get there.

  • Andrew Hughes


    I agree with those sticking up for underlying message of the Secret. After a year of so on your email list and having attended the last conference (I am very sad not to be at this one), it seems to me you embody the message of the Secret:
    – decide who you want to be
    – believe you can succeed and hold on to the feelings of success
    – take (inspired) action to achieve the results you have visualized.

    Isn’t that what you have done 3 times over?

    Anyway, it doesn’t really matter, as we are all in charge of our own belief structure and what is right for one will not be right for another. I am just happy to celebrate your success – well done.

    Cheers, Andrew

  • Jessica

    Hi Rich,

    It looks like you’ve already gotten a lot of feedback about your comment re: The Secret, so I just want to add a few thoughts.

    As someone who’s been teaching the Law of Attraction since even before The Secret came out, I can assure you that the movie barely scratched the surface. After all, they only had 90 minutes to cover something that has taken millenia to resurface in the mainstream…so how could they possibly cover it all?

    Unfortunately, two main misconceptions arose from The Secret movie:

    1) Many people who watched it missed the part about how you have to take action (yes, it was there), so they dismissed it as fantasy. Of course you have to take action…but you don’t have to take “rat on a treadmill” action, you can instead take “inspired” action. It takes PRACTICE to learn how to listen to when you’re being inspired (guided from within, which people call higher self, Source, Universe, God, whichever term you prefer). But when you do…watch out, because then the magic begins.

    2) The Secret alluded to the idea that if you just attract tons of “money and stuff”, happiness will follow. (And many people took offense at the materialism portrayed in the film.) In truth, it’s the other way around.

    Underneath every desire for a “thing” is actually a desire for just a feeling.

    You want a new car? What you really want is the feeling(s) of freedom, comfort, safety, perhaps even status.

    You want a new house? Same feelings are underneath that desire.

    Money? That could be security, freedom, perhaps even self love or attracting love from someone else.

    The truth is, feelings are free. And you can have them in any moment….but that can take PRACTICE. :-)

    So you’re right, practice plays a part in learning how to do anything new…including consciously and deliberately creating your reality. But once you learn how, work becomes play. Life becomes so much more fun. The world becomes an exciting playground. You attract all the right people to help you achieve your goals at just the right time (vs. tracking them down for months and often choosing the wrong ones). You attract just the right information precisely when you need it for your next step. You’re aware and on the lookout for synchronicities and opportunities that perhaps you never noticed before.

    You are in alignment with your goals and your desires, so they come to you far more easily than they did when you practice the old, hard way. That’s because we are all just energy, and like attracts like…. energy included.

    There is so much more to say than I’ve mentioned here. I’m very happy that so many people (like the posters above) have discovered the Law of Attraction. I just hope others will not discard it without further scrutiny beyond The Secret, because it truly is a path to happiness, success, and certainly a lot more fun. :-)


  • http://AncientWorldSecrets Stephen Chua

    Hi Rich,

    I must commend your pulling power and thank you.

    For the first time 2 years, my e-mail is quite empty and very peaceful. Thanks for the extra hour for myself.

    Everyone that e-mails me must be over there in the event/s!!

    Thanks for videos. They’re very interesting.

    Great health and prosperity,
    Stephen Chua.

  • Penny Gould

    Thanks for the email inviting me to the video. Here are 8 things I learned from this video that you didn’t set out to teach me… Although the video itself can be boiled down to this: Be a nice helpful friend with worthwhile original information & work hard, this is what I got from it in addition:
    1. Do something with no expectations of getting something back and you will be rewarded.
    2. Do something on the internet that causes people to opt in on your email list and then send them an interesting email inviting them to click and come to you, keep it short and sweet, and then do it again real soon.
    3. Keep doing this, be a friend, and when that magic moment comes and you offer them something that brings you money, they’ll either buy or refer a friend, because now YOU are a friend.
    4. They’ve visited you, you’ve been nice, and they like you. Personally I have no idea how or when I opted in, but I like you now, and if you ever send me an email again and invite me back, I’ll come.
    5. And if you invite me to invite my friends, I will, because you didn’t waste my time.
    6. AND as a result of this little lesson it kicks me into gear to do something on my websites: I commit to creating an opt-in mailing list this week.
    7. And I commit to sending out an email to my wonderful new friends that opted in. This is a big duh, but since I haven’t done it before, really “got” it right now, I give you credit for helping me learn this. Is this little lesson for me ANYWHERE in the email or the little video? Nope.
    8. Simply by demonstrating to me a good business practice I decided myself that I will task myself with trying to do what you just did, because it’s the right way to do things.

    So thanks. – Penny

    Ps, another cool thing I haven’t EVER seen below…. Since you were kind enough to give me the HTML I will take a quick minute and Give you a plugSomebody Somewhere

  • larry davis

    Hey Rich ,
    Did you say “The Secret” ?…

    There Must be :
    a ‘maven-secret-secret’.

    I would say , the ‘secret-of-a-maven’ IS :
    The Looking-Glass ; by which is seen…

    ‘how-to-keep-it-real’ with self & visitors.

    This , no doubt , takes practice , practice….
    but the big ‘Take-Away is This :

    No More “Me-Too” marketing.

    Yeah ,
    Thanks for the invite.


  • Joe

    Thanks for the clicp rich, good to remind us the importance of practice.

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