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It’s no big secret that I’ve coached more “up and comers” to guru status than anyone else.

Heck, that’s why I’m often referred to as “The Guru to the Gurus.”

So it’s no big surprise that I’m often asked…

What Single Trait Separates…
The Winners From The Losers?

Today is your lucky day – because I’m going to tell you.

Now, in my last post we talked about the power of thinking for yourself.

In fact, if you haven’t read it yet – you should start by reading it.  Just click this link: A Simple Way To STOP Messing Up Your Life & Business.

OK, before diving in… watch this quick (1 minute) video to better understand the severity of the problem…

I chuckle every time I watch it.

But while the video is funny (imho) – an entrepreneur who struggles with a lack of thinking is anything BUT funny.

Now, before you quickly self-assess, and think this doesn’t apply to you – stick with me and then judge for yourself.

You see, I believe the single biggest obstacle to entrepreneurial success is…


Yep, you read that right.

The trait separating the winners and losers is that simple.

Winners Spend Time Thinking

That’s one of the reasons I enjoy blogging – it forces me to think.

Better yet, blogging forces me to think about your concerns – the concerns of my prospects.

And the more I think about ways to solve your challenges…. the larger my advantage grows over my competitors.

But today – we’re not talking about blogging, thinking about your prospects’ challenges, or solving your prospects’ problems.

Nope.  Today we’re talking about you and your business.  And how you can grow your business by thinking.

You see, most internet marketers make a disastrous mistake.  They falsely assume that “knowing more” is more important than “thinking better.”

So, they spend an inordinate time learning more instead of thinking more.

What about you? More specifically….

Are You Spending…
More Time Learning Than Thinking?

You see, if I were to guess… I’d guess you’ve already invested (or plan to) in learning lots of different things related to online marketing and growing your business.

Now, don’t get me wrong – that’s important.  But without focused thinking first, the odds are high you’ve learned lots of things that aren’t really necessary for growing your business right now.

I’ve discussed this at length in my free reports.  It’s the difference between “Just-in-Case” learning and “Just-in-Time” learning.  So, I won’t belabor the point here.

Normally at this point I’d present you with my most persuasive logical argument about better thinking.  But, today…

I’m Not Going To Do That!


Because one experience will trump a thousand logical arguments.

Today, I want you to think about your business for sixty minutes.  I’m not sure if that sounds easy or difficult to you… but I assure you it isn’t easy.

Here’s what I suggest you do…

1 – Spend fifteen minutes identifying all the obstacles currently standing in your way of achieving your business goals. Once you’ve done that – choose the one you believe will give you the biggest payoff if solved.

2 –Next, spend fifteen minutes trying to uncover the root-cause of the obstacle.  You can do this by asking and then answering…


In other words – think about the obstacle and ask why am I experiencing this obstacle.  Then once you’ve answered… ask yourself WHY again about your answer.  Keep repeating the process until you’ve gone at least 5 levels deep.

OK, so you’ve now spent thirty minutes so far surfacing your obstacles, and then drilling down deeper (to the root-cause) on the one that you believe will give you the greatest payoff.

3 – Next, spend fifteen minutes brainstorming as many different approaches you could take to solve the deeper cause. And choose the solution you believe is best.

4 – Finally, for your last fifteen minutes, think through all the steps you’d need to take to execute the solution you just identified.


Get To Work!

In other words, take action immediately.

Your goal should be to minimize the time from conception to completion.

You see, the single biggest trait winners have that losers don’t is — they first spend time thinking through new solutions to their problems.  And when a new solution works they not only get an immediate payoff, they also have developed new intellectual capital they can often sell over and over again.

So, do this thinking exercise today – and then come back here and tell me how the experience went for you.

Till tomorrow…

To higher profits and beyond,

Rich Schefren

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  • Sean O’Sullivan

    Hi Rich

    I’ve noticed that nobody got around to commenting on this yet. Heck, thats impressive; everybody is too busy thinking, to comment :)

    Few points:

    1) We think we think. Problem is, we mostly think the same thoughts that got us to where we are, in the first place. Focussed thinking, as you outline, certainly helps us break out of our patterns somewhat.

    2) As indicated at the end of your post; even the most creative, constructive quality thinking is at best half the battle. Nothing happens until someone acts.

    3) I take this as being the main point of your post: “they falsely assume that “knowing more” is more important than “thinking better.” .. I know in the past I was more guilty than most of soaking up information from every source, incessantly, pretty sure that if I kept pulling at the string of knowledge I’d eventually get to the end of it & know everything I needed.

    Dumb, and totally driven by FUD – fear, uncertainty, doubt. What matters isnt what you know, its what you do with what you know.

    Dont know if you know of Cliff Young, a guy who didnt worry too much about knowing stuff, just went & did what he had in mind. If not – see this:

    I’m 100% on board with you on the importance of thinking; as long as it’s focussed on solving a problem and is followed by action.

    Be good – Sean

  • Patrick Bell


    Was that Stephen Pierce on the escalator?

    I’ve sometimes been short on money and always wondered how to solve that problem. I think it was Joyner who said that instead of looking for someone to give us a break, we should be out looking for how we can give others a break. Cool advice, and a good reminder in your post.

    Let me know how I can help you.


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  • Dean

    Hello Rich

    Internet Marketing is getting stronger and stronger week by week, Many people looking for that golden nuggat for a business and learn the secrets, Internet Marketing is a great way of making a living and has HIGH rewards, people need to remember everybody starts with nothing, and has to build there buisness up. ask yourself this, if it took you 3 yrs to build a business up, and you are getting $20,000 a month, would you work hard at this!!!.
    this is not a get rich quick buisness.
    Dont give up and go through the pain barrier and work towards the rewards
    good luck

  • Paul

    Hi Rich,

    No doubt thinking is missing.

    So many want a brainless 3 steps and instant wealth.

    BUT… that’s the way most have been trained.

    “You’re not being paid to think. You’re being paid to do. what I say”

    Thinking took a backseat because it is not rewarded.

    Then one day Fred gets fed up.

    “I don’t have to take this crap anymore! I’ll start my own business and then that will teach them.”

    Fred folds up his files for the day and heads home.

    While the tv dinner bubbles in the microwave, he presses the power button on his laptop.

    “I’ll show them. Lookey here. This guy made $35,873.98 in just 4 days as a complete newbie on the net. Dang! This is easier than I thought!”



    Give up.

    “Wait here’s another system!”



    Give up.

    “Ah… I see the problem. I need a coach!…..Dear Coach, I need to make money online fast. My boss sucks. My job sucks. But I don’t. I am going to be one of your all star students. You’ll see! Just TELL ME WHAT TO DO and I will do it not matter what.”

    And there you have it. Fred has now become the coach’s employee. No thinking needed. “Just tell me what to do.”

    To me the key is people taking your post seriously and cranking up their craniums. Taking personal responsibility. And processing as an entrepreneur not a wage earner.

    Seth Godin summed up the problem in Linchpin “Follow these instructions and you don’t have to think. Do your job and you don’t have to be responsible for your decisions. Most of all, you don’t have to bring your genius to work. In every corporation in every country in the world, people are waiting to be told what to do.”

    And they bring that same attitude online and they…fail.


  • Lorenzo Rothery

    Hello Rich,

    That was an on time & evergreen post if there ever was one. That I have found out to be a major problem that alot of business owners do not even realize they have.

    I as the ones above me have stated that it was one of my problem of not getting anything done or moving forward. The knowing more is only cause for delay & confusion because if you do not know what to do with what you know then what’s the point.

    One of my mentors Joe Schreoder talks about this on his coaching calls as this being the reason why we do not have what we want.

    All I can say is “Think About It!”

  • Ashley Garcia

    This comment is for Frank Scheffren… If you give a squirrel a nut and he hides it under your doormat… Is it your nut or the squirrel’s nut?

    Remember, the nut is on your property, not the squirrel’s property, which would be his tree house.

    I think we can all learn from the squirrel and his nuts.

  • Rich Schefren


  • Rich Schefren

    agreed lorenzo – but there is a big difference between researching more and knowing more VERSUS thinking more.

    the sad truth is most people substitute other’s thinking for their own (as in research, reading, etc…)

    real thinking is hard work – which is why it’s avoided by most

  • Rich Schefren

    very true paul – in the free video series i did a few years ago – “the momentum series” – i said “if you need a step-by-step plan… you’re not an entrepreneur!” i still feel that way.

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  • john bowers

    Use a whiteboard!

  • Paul Cooley

    I must say thank you to you Rich…

    I used to find myself just kinda jumping into the day staying real busy with things. But since I have started reading your stuff, it has really helped me to stop and think before starting my day in business. I have much more productive days now.

    So thank you! :)

    I hope everyone takes you up on the homework above.

  • Len

    Hi Rich

    Today I took the test. Sat down and wrote out the obstacles, causes, brainstormed and came up with solutions. Best hour (or so) I spent in a long time.

    Some real eye openers came up. I realised that my focus has been on short term fixes not proper strategies that have an overall end game to them. Too much distraction not enough focus. Worst of all this is from someone that’s written a book on time management :-(

    Decided to have a big clear out of email subscriptions and loads of distracting junk when (and I swear this is true) I came across an email from a friend that had an attachment (had it ages) which was a report called Internet Business Manifesto by your good self.

    Printed it, read all 29 pages made loads of notes and highlights then sat and had a serious think. One thought was how come someone who has produced process maps for tendering procedures that secured over £300,000,000 of construction work has not produced one for how to create an ebook or an SEO strategy. Duhh?

    What other of your pearls of wisdom have I missed I wonder?????????

    Anyway, great post and great report :-)

  • Debbie

    Hey Rich,

    I’m not sure why I decided to click over here just now, but that video made my day.

    Your advice sounds very much like GPS… and I couldn’t agree more.

    Just wish I could find 60 uninterrupted minutes to think about anything.

    Thanks for the laugh,


  • Megan

    LoL. That’s a very funny video. I agree that thinking is crucial to business or in the case of the video…all they need was common sense. I don’t know about any of you but there is such a thing like overthinking…where suddenly all your fears and insecurities tend to seep in (which happens to me all the time). I think you should call it Empowered Thinking or Focused Thinking or something.
    Of course, this is very core of what every business should start with–just a simple idea…how you turn it profitable.
    PS. You might be interested in tips on reaching goals and the things that hinders it.

  • Andrew@BloggingGuide

    A very funny video! I wonder if we do really act like this sometimes. You really offer great advice. Now, I will be looking for time to think things through. Thanks for this post!

  • Ms. Liz

    Hey Rich, LOL! Great video. I think we’ve all had times where we can relate.

    It’s funny how we can paralyze ourselves by not looking at the broader picture and really thinking about where we are and where we’re going.

    It pays to take a few minutes out of our busy day and do some serious thinking and you offer some great advice – Thanks!

  • Andre Gilliam

    That video was a mixture of funny, thoughtful, and revealing… The idea of being stuck on an escalator, when all you had to do was walk instead of just standing there, was very funny… At the same time, it makes you realize how we don’t always use our brain in the most thoughtful way to solve our problems and obstacles… Therefore, the video was revealing to watch, because it made me realize that I should do more to use my brain to it’s full capacity in every aspect of my life…

  • Jesse

    Hey Rich,

    I’ve been applying this method myself over the past month and I’ve been getting great results.

    Want to know a technique to make this REALLY REALLY powerful? Talking to a videocamera about the problem you’re experiencing, then watching the video if you haven’t brainstormed a solution.


  • adam

    Thanks for that Rich its sometimes the easiest things that become our biggest obstacles, I have given it ago and already solved a few problems that were holding me back also I found planning helps me grow my business. I started out and planned everything I wanted to do for the next year then broke it down to a four three monthly plans once I had done that I could put it into monthly plans. This let me see what I had planned for the month so then I could schedule in my daily tasks so I knew exactly what I had to do every day to reach my end goal.

  • Nic Windley

    The mind is an amazing thing.
    It can work for you or against you. Why is it that nobody give you a darn manual when your starting out in life!!.

  • vikram

    Thanks, you are not only guru of guru but financial liberator of all times.Let me call you NARAYANA WHOS WIFE IS LAKSHMI The godees of wealth.

  • Soualiho

    Hey Rich,

    I know at the first glance that what you posted is 100% right and will yield great rewards.

    I could no more agree with you.

    See…the great Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Nobel prize winner in the 50’s was reported to have been asked a question by reporters.
    The question was: “What is wrong with men today?” … and the answer?
    Dr. Schweitzer replied: “Men just don’t think”.

    So I can obviously say things have not really improved …
    … and to these days people confuse the act of recalling past things in their memory whith that of constructive thinking and …

    … that’s why thinking is still the hardest work men are called upon to perform … and that’s why most of them shrink from it.

    Thanks a lot for this post … a great post indeed.

  • Dan

    I am curious to know your thoughts on the follow up film to The Secret, “How Thoughts Become Things.” Is the Law of Attraction or Neuroscience really responsible for all the consequences in my life. seems pretty bold, considering we don’t even really know what the Law of Attraction is. Or is it simply my life is a result of real life efforts following the thoughts that I really value as worthwhile. A little confused about this?

  • http://Intendtohaveone! Vinay

    Salutations Mr.Rich,
    Firstly, Lemme offer you an expaination for salutation. You are the First (or maybe the ONLY) “NORMAL” business man i have come accross on the Internet scienario. But ALSO, ” MORE THAN NORMAL”,salutation is as well in that you are a MASTER in articulating and communicating.

    Well, i called you ‘the only NORMAL guy’ because, I am professionally qualified,23 years experienced business consultancy person in India. Yeah, here for sometime, i also got ‘infected’ with ONLINE BUSINESS BUG. In my research and knowledge gaining endevor, i have always found the internet “filled to the brim” with “get rich quick” QUAKES. I was like…hey!whats going on? are these guys some magicwand wielders? It did not take much time of me to have a HEARTY LAUGH at these QUAKES.
    Somewhere around here, I bumped in you and i was like…hey, here is the only sencible voice.

    Secondly, Your mastery in articulation and communication is mesmerising. Honest and blunt. Precise and focused. Absolute and sequential. Well, i may go on and on, Lets leave to next post maybe.
    And i called you Mr., for, you have ‘earned my respect’.

    Keep the good work going. In appreciation, I will always remain updated about you.



  • Business Phone

    I agree with Sean O’Sullivan, All are busy with their works.

  • Thirunagari Gopal Kishan

    Hi Rich
    The message is crystal clear- Focussing on thought & action

    Thank You very much for very valuable message.
    Gopal Kishan, Delhi(India)

  • http://facebook carlos

    coolest comment award is handed to Ashley Gracia!!! LOL