A Leak from My Free Report: Create Value that Pays for a Lifetime

I had another late night last night.

I was at my office until the early hours of the morning connecting the concepts and ideas inside my upcoming free report with one of the best writers on my team – Chuck Dolce.

For those of you in Founders Club, you know Chuck as the Membership Director. He’s also the writing power behind my newsletter, One Step Ahead and many of our Founders Club promotions.

And this past week, Chuck has been acting as a sounding board so I can bounce ideas, strategies and recommended actions off him for this next free report.

Over the past few days (and nights) we have been sketching out ideas on the massive whiteboards in my office. You can checkout our process on one of the boards below.

As you can see, not all of these strategies are ready for primetime yet.

But I wanted to share with you one of the ideas that I’ll be fleshing out in this next free report.

It’s how you go about doing something once that pays you for a lifetime. I’ll get to that. But first, I want to give you some context for this…

Inside-Out Marketing and What That Has to Do With This…

In my last blog, I talked about the glaring issue that I see in the Internet Marketing space right now.

And that is the vast majority of online entrepreneurs overly focus on marketing while neglecting value creation for customers in products.

If you’ll remember I called this “outside-in marketing.”

(By the way, don’t get too attached to that name – it’s VERY possible I may change it in the coming week. Any suggestions for a better name? Leave a comment below.)

In my last post, I also made a case for why simply focusing on creating value in your product (and having that be the driver of your marketing) is ultimately easier and much more effective approach to creating an online business.

I called this “inside-out” marketing. (Again, have a better name? I’m all ears.)

In pouring over the many comments we received from that post, it sounds like I wasn’t as clear as I thought I was.

Everyone who responded – and thank you to all of you who did – seemed to think it was an “either or” approach. Either you focus on your product all by itself OR you focus on marketing your product all by itself.

And I’m glad you responded in this way because it tells me that I need to do a better job of explaining this.

Let me clear this up right now…

Yes, both marketing and building your product is important. But what’s even more important is creating value.

And that’s the huge oversight that I see in the marketplace right now. In fact, it’s the reason that I’m killing myself to write my first free report in five years.

It because very few marketers are really focusing on creating value right now.

I’m talking about the kind of value that will pay you dividends for a lifetime.

And that “value” can be – and should be – in BOTH your product and your marketing.

Create Value that Pays for Your Retirement

Six years ago, I created value in my own marketing that has already funded my retirement. To this day, this one single piece generates business for me and builds my brand as an authority in my marketplace every single week.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I’m talking about the Internet Business Manifesto.

When I sat down to write this report, I had no idea that those 32 pages would be downloaded over a million times. I didn’t know it would create over $10 million in sales. I had no clue it would pay for my daughters’ college educations (which it will – in about 13 years), buy me a house, the Strategic Profits building and so much more…

What I did know was I saw a need in the market that I could address. So I did.

If you’ve been reading my stuff for any length of time, you probably know that many of ideas and problems that I spoke about in the Internet Business Manifesto were based on my own experience.

They were based on my struggles, on my journey, to become an online entrepreneur and really become who I was when I wrote this in 2006.

When I created the Manifesto, I didn’t have a product to sell. That product was born out of the need that the Manifesto created.

But the point is that it all started by creating value. Creating something that changes people’s lives. That gives them epiphanies and “ah-ha” moments.

And honestly, it’s really not that hard. Anyone can do the same…

Pursuit of Value = Value

Too many entrepreneurs get bogged down with the idea that “they don’t know enough to create value.”

As in, they haven’t lived long enough or learned enough to offer some kind of value to their specific marketplace.

But the reality is even just the pursuit of value has meaning and influence over the people who are seeking that knowledge.

To explain, let me give you an example.

For just a second, let’s step into a parallel universe where I’m not an online business coach and I’m not losing sleep over this free report.

Instead, let’s say I’m a master photographer. Photography is what I love. It’s my passion. It’s my art form. I’d rather be taking pictures than doing anything else.

Now let’s say that I wanted to create an online business around my photography skills. But I don’t feel like I know enough. So I decide to research for an hour a day about the world’s best cameras and how to take pictures.

Let me tell you that hour of research a day would yield an amazing amount of value for people who are just looking to become better photographers.

In fact, the right group of fledgling photographers would be hanging on my every word while I researched these various topics and spoke about those findings – possibly on my blog or really anywhere else.

In other words, that quest for knowledge just created constant value.

The Secret: It’s Starts With…

Believe it or not, that’s what I did in my pursuit of being an online business coach. I continually researched what I love to read and know about – business. Then applied what I learned in my own business and shared what worked.

That research (and deep-thinking about that research) has created an immense amount of value for my subscribers and clients over the years. You can see that value in my free reports – the very marketing that created my business.

Again, you can do the same. But it starts with building your business around what you love the most so you can continually research and create value.

That’s the secret that everyone overlooks. They dive for “what’s popular” instead of “what you love.”

If it is the right business for you, you will be able to create that value for some group of people online. And the best thing about starting an online business is there is always a group of people out there looking for what you have to offer.

My friend Gary Vaynerchuk likes to say…

“I don’t care if you only wear green socks, live in your parents basement and hate all people. If that’s who you are, you can find that group of people online and you can be their leader.”

But to become that leader, it starts with creating value. If you put enough time and effort into it, it could be the value that pays for a lifetime.

Then once you create that value, the next step is to push that value out to multiple places so your prospects can find you online.

If you’re wondering how to blast out that value throughout the Internet, then my friend, you’re going to have to wait for the report.

(In other words, value creation is just where this free report will start… but it’s not where it ends.)

A Few Questions Before I Go…

Again, I’m in the middle of fleshing out all these ideas in this next free report. So I would love it if you could respond to the following questions in the comments.

1. Does this all make sense? More importantly, does this speak to where you are right now in your own business?

2. Have you ever taken a piece of your own product or your best ideas from your product and put them in your marketing?

Again, I’d really appreciate your comments. I can’t tell you how helpful they are in crafting this report.

I’ll be back next week with more “report leaks.” Speak to you soon.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/newtimeswoman Jena Griffiths

    How about “Heart based or “Heart as Hub Marketing”   or something else with heart in it…how to put the heart back into your …getting to the heart of your marketing problem… or heart muscle marketing or
    he.art marketing

  • http://www.facebook.com/newtimeswoman Jena Griffiths

    How about “Heart based or “Heart as Hub Marketing”   or something else with heart in it…how to put the heart back into your …getting to the heart of your marketing problem… or heart muscle marketing or
    he.art marketing 

  • John.

    Yes this makes sense and it absolutely resonates with me.

  • http://www.triathletemind.com/ Chris Janzen

    Hey Rich – looking forward to seeing the final report. To answer your questions:
    1. It makes sense, and I’m sure you will make it distinct from what others are saying, but “create value” is a very common mantra, or piece of advice. I’ve got no doubt that you’ll bring greater depth and practical steps to help us continually and consistently deliver on that.

    2. I haven’t taken bits from my product but I think it’s a wise approach. Simple things like you do with images or quotes from your reports and post on Facebook, or repurpose with greater explanation in One Step Ahead (and as Brendon Burchard does with quote from The Charge on Facebook) are great ways to share inspiring thoughts and leverage existing ideas


    As for you the name of what you call the theme, I feel like outside-in or inside-out while accurate, don’t quite have the cache as Opportunity Seeker vs Strategic Entrepreneur. Not as breakthrough, unique or ownable for you. But critically, for us entrepreneurs, doesn’t trigger us to ‘think differently about the problem’ (as a wise man keeps saying is powerful 😉 May not need to be but certainly would help.

    To build on Jena’s comment below, it’s almost like outside in is more about projecting a face/mask of value rather than meaningful depth or sustainable results. Marketing Face vs. Marketing Heart. Just a thought and probable not that great of one but maybe sparks an idea.

    Hope that helps in some way.

  • David Kyte

    I am finding this too – supporting several gurus. Here’s a thought. Instead of calling it inside out marketing, look at the word you have used through out this post.

    Val You

    Creating some thing of value for you, as opposed to marketing (shall we be less than polite – crap) something that benefits me – the marketer.

    Let’s call that

    Val Me.

    I absolutely agree with you Rich.

    Make More Val You and Less Val Me!

    It all comes down to a desire to genuinely help the client. I pathalogically hate all those so called gurus who have one success then sell it regardless of whether it is right for the client.

    Really looking forward to the whole report : )

    Dave Kyte

  • Jean-François Brodeur

    Hi Rich, I really like the twist of the quest for value is value itself. I started learning more and more about entrepreneurship and manufacturing and sharing this will be my quest for value = value for my audience. Thanks for the insight. As for question number 2, I  did our ERP INTEGRA e-business has some cool features that we could did a piece on, titled 95% of your employee are honest; to talk about our time control module and we got incoming call, a first for our mail campaign.
    Thanks for sharing Rich
    Jean-François Brodeur maker of INTEGRA e-business

  • Naturista

    This helps.  I have great content.  I am at the point of needing to get it out there before I die. If it goes any slower, I will have to add 2 more lifetimes.  Looking forward to your report.

  • Leo

    To me what you say is self-evident. I have organised my business to just do product development and marketing and the two are inextricably linked in my mind. I have a great team doing everything else and supporting me. I dip into your writings from time to time and occasionally find a little nugget or a reminder of something that I already knew but had somehow let lapse.

    I see that your advertising basically seeks out those people who have and are failing. I’m not in that category but I guess it makes sense to see that as your main target. After all, they are the most needy.

    My product development is very personal. I think of what I need or want and if I discover that there is not a particularly good immediate solution available, I start working on a solution. Once I have the solution, I go looking for the market that needs it. It’s not rocket science

  • Rollie Cole

    I, too, was struck by having the key to new terminology be in the text of the discussion. I might suggest “deliver value” versus “sell product,” noting that BOTH require marketing. If you have a way to deliver great value, and your potential customer does not know about it, you have almost a moral imperative to market so that the customer knows of the great value that awaits. In that case, the marketing also delivers value — information about the value that awaits.
    Now to your questions:  #1 — yes it does; I need to keep my focus on how I can best deliver great value to my clients (which does include enough income for me to be sustainable). But it is the value delivered that is most important in making it sustainable.
    #2 — of course; the classis is to provide the diagnosis for free, and even an outline of the solution, but sell the details of the solution. The Internet Manifesto, to me, follows this pattern, as do many well-known Internet marketeers such as Brendon Burchard and Eban Pagan.
    So I see your challenge NOT as one of making the subjecf relevant; it is central already. Your challenge (which I am sure you will meet) is to provide something new (if only a compilation of the “best of the best” from others) in response to it.
    Rollie Cole, PhD, JD
    Founder, Fertile Ground for Startups & Small Firms

  • http://twitter.com/ninjacrystalmed Manuelle

    I have never been as excited about one of your upcoming report.

    About every aspect (creating nd blasting that value etc) But creating the value
    is what interest me most.

    One issue tho, is that not all markets have so much content to share that you can give away a lot of info and still have much left to sell in your product(s).
    If youre in a particular niche where you help people with a specific problem,
    sometimes there are like 2 or 3 keys (often quite simple but powerful) to solving the issue. And if you share some of it in a free report and other pieces of marketing with value in them, then you end up with too little content to share.

    Again, not saying this is the case with all markets, but it is the case with the 2 markets im in.

  • Roger A.

    Thanks again Rich.  Under promise and over deliver is what I have found you do.  An important lesson for us all.    How about Unique Value Marketing.       As a newbie I am researching ,living, breathing what I love – that is my forte.   Getting the value out is just flowing with the heart – what you love.          Don’t get caught up in getting the message out.   Many outlets exist today that did not exist even five years ago.  Use the ones ( or all ) that fit you as an individual.  People sense the genuine.    Can’t wait for the report.  Roger A.

  • Carl

    Hi Rich,

    I think I understand where you are coming from. By listening to my prospects and customers I refine my services to what they want.  I’m constantly trying to add a bit more value based on the feedback that I get. I started with a general idea of what I wanted to offer but now the markets are more niche. The more feedback I get the more I can refine my services to my customers needs. 

    I totally believe it’s about a cycle of customer feedback-research-product development-marketing-sales. It’s about caring enough about the problems that your customers face and then finding the best ways you can help them.

    I don’t have an info product so I don’t offer idea tasters in my marketing but I do it with artwork samples, physical and digital.

    Really looking forward to your new report.


  • Debbie

    No offense to Jena’s comment below… but puhleeze don’t call it heart-based marketing. That is such a cliche in the coaching realm… especially when it’s ultimately about money, no matter what the “heart-based” people are saying.

    Clarity trumps persuasion. That’s what Flint at marketingexperiments.com always says… and I think he’s got that right.

    Having said that, I’m still not sure where you’re going with this new report. What’s new and different that we haven’t heard a million times before? Not trying to be difficult, just trying to give feedback.

    Give me a new… and clear… perspective. I’d expect nothing less from you, Rich. But I’m not seeing it yet.

  • Penny_zf

    Finding the business that can pay dividends is top on the list for most small business owners who have started their business for any length of time. But how does one implement it with the support of everyone including getting consensus from customers

  • Graeme

    Hi Rich,

    How about Money-Driven Marketing for the outside in approach and Value-Driven Marketing for the inside-out approach?

    Thanks for the article.



  • Anne

    Rich, don’t kill yourself writing the report, we need you !
    1. It makes sense. Passion has to do with desire. If you follow your desire and engage in your passion, what you do becomes part of your identity. Then, you sound authentic, and authenticity makes you credible and “valuable” to others. It speaks to me where I am right now (beginnings) in my business.
    2. Well, I intend to do so, take my best ideas and put them in my marketing.
    Looking forward to another great report…Thanks.

  • http://wealthbeyondriches.com/ Andy Duncan

    RETIREMENT MARKETING – You, as the marketer who makes things happen, in order to really retire, must build and value long-term relationships with your clients/customers. Delivering greater value to them, means an early retirement for you.

    If you look at the greatest entrepreneurs of our time and their single BIG idea…. Gates’ DOS, Jobs’ iEverything, Schefren’s Manifesto… that’s what secured their retirements – first the fast implementation of their idea, then the nurturing of the lifetime value of their customers.

  • Bruce Brodeen

    David Kyte below is onto something genius, imho.

    VAL-You  Vs.  VAL-Me

    Both, naturally, require marketing thrust, effort and definition but as a point of distinguishing what you are saying in your last two points, they are highly effective, simplified phrasings that most of us can latch under, understand on an intuitive and natural level and, importantly, more easily apply the concepts inside our thinking when it comes to our development work inside our businesses.

    Righteous, David!  

  • Dan

    Perfect explanation and very meaningful to me because I’m a photographer who’s sharing my sales and marketing knowledge for other photographers! How about calling your value idea ‘Magnetic Product Marketing’ in that the product/service is so great that people are drawn to it. Just a thought.

  • http://twitter.com/Sammliving Samm

    I’m getting excited Rich. This is exactly where I’m. 
    The lack of confident I feel when I think, how to market “the value I’ve created by my passion”. I feel it’s quite rare, as I’ve narrow down my niche, may have rare paid clients, overall I’m not sure how big my market is. Moreover, I want the similar minded, targeted people at least to find my product. I’m confident I can sell. But I’m absolutely not very confident to reach to my targeted prospect at affordable cost (I mean for time, effort, money all the 3 as a cost).
    I have created value product, I have system so that my prospect can buy them, but Rich I need your help to reach to them (as you’ve said, …wondering how to blast out that value throughout the Internet…”) with minimum effort. Looking for your answer on this and your report.


  • Tonja

    Talk about synchronicity…what you’re talking about in this post is exactly the “eureka” I’ve experienced over the past couple of weeks.  I’ve struggled with what to sell…what niche to carved out for myself…and I never could come to a decision.  Then it dawned on me to create a product about what I have had to learn for myself, out of necessity.  Chances are, if I need this particular kind of help, so do other people.  And what I’ve learned is REAL…not some conjured up con to sell to people because I think it is “what’s hot” right now.  The timing of your ideas in this area proves to me that I’m on the right track.  Thank you!  I can’t wait to read what you put together!

  • http://www.george-fortune.com/ George

    This is genius! I had such a big ‘a-yeah!’ moment, when you talked about CONSTANT  value…the way you say things rich, they just connect with the reader. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=582634690 Aran Jones

    I like Graeme’s suggestion for Money-Driven Marketing and Value-Driven Marketing – I can remember those far more easily than inside-out vs outside-in, and remember which is which!

    I’d be interested in reading your thoughts on the decision process surrounding what value is given where.  How do you choose what goes in the product, and what goes in the marketing?

  • Gideonjobs

    Great insights so far Rich. The photography illustration brought it home to me.

    Following on the catch phrase suggestions, What about,
    You Value   Vs  Me Value ?

  • Guest

    Is this report designed to launch profit hacks? Because it seems like it does.

  • Bruno Babic


    Hi Rich, thanks a lot for sharing with us such a high value and inspiring post that’s
    especially encouraging for me since I’ve recently bravely got up again like Rocky Balboa thanks to our common friend Alex Jeffreys after my 7 year long painful and shocking
    struggles to start to make any money online.

    I hope you and Alex Jeffreys encourage and support me on my
    journey to gaining and fully enjoying my ever desired financial freedom based
    on settin up and running profitable automated online businesses.

    It would be very interesting and helpful for me to learn about other
    people’s failures, successes as well as dream visions as the result of their
    online success.

    Please, feel free and welcome to visit my blog and post your comments there.

    In advance thanks a lot with the depth of my heart.

    Bruno Babic
    My blog: brunobabic dot com

  • Giakling

    Most people seem to begin by seeing whatever they do (including “creating value” as suggested by Rich here) – be it online or offline – as a means to “making money”. With such an “end” in mind, the value created will somehow be compromised, diluted in its impact to others and less rewarding. 

    However, it will be totally different if we start with the mindset that “value creation” is our contribution to this world. That in itself is our greatest reward, regardless of whether it will bring us any financial payback or not in the end. It is also more likely to provide the impetus for us to strive to create truly masterful piece of work, with positive impact on the lives of others, as well as our own, on an ongoing basis. 

  • Chester

     Yes, it’s just warming up the crowd to get their credit cards out and fund Rich’s retirement at an even higher level.

  • Desiree Johnson

    Hey Rich.  Just to shake it up and give it a little uniqueness how about Boardroom Marketing vs. Store-Front Marketing.